Can't Live With That Hideous Wallpaper?

It's time for professional wallpaper removal in Wright City & Wentzville, MO

Imagine that you've moved into a beautiful new home or office. You love the space-well, most of it. Unfortunately, one or more walls are covered in unsightly wallpaper. You can either paint over it, which may cause problems later, or you can attempt the wallpaper removal process.

These are the basic steps for wallpaper removal:

Scrape and peel off as much as possible
Wet down the remaining wallpaper
Scrape the wall clean
Wash down the wall to remove residue

It seems simple, but it can get very messy. If done wrong, you can even damage the drywall. Instead of doing it yourself, contact your local painting contractor. Edison Remodeling and Painting will have the old paper down in no time.

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Wallpaper removal can ruin your drywall

Don't damage your drywall with a botched attempt at removing old wallpaper. Our team has the tools and the experience needed to take it down quickly without damaging the wall. You'll be glad you saved the time and effort when you get to paint your newly cleaned wall.

Trust the wallpaper removal contractor in Wright City & Wentzville, MO.